Memories, Places, and People That Make Saluda NC an Enchanted Place to Be


With the generous inventory of historic houses in Saluda, any tour of historic homes is a much-anticipated event. The most recent was held June 2011 and featured “Smith Hill”, the area where Dr. Lesesne Smith operated the Infants & Children’s Sanitarium from 1914 until his death in 1949.

Included in the tour that beautiful spring day were Aurora Lodge, the first house built on Smith Hill; Bon Air, which served as a hospital and school as well as a boarding house; Seminar Hall, the site of many lectures; Sleepy Hollow Cottage, where nurses boarded; 50 Smith Hill Drive, an accommodation for mothers and children as well as the site of many poker games; Tree Tops, a physicians’ office; and Stagger Inn, which started out as a chicken house and was renovated to house Dr. Smith’s summer interns.

Here are some photos from the tour:

A little later in the year, the Historic Saluda Committee was invited to join the Smith family and historian Dr. George Jones in a remembrance of Dr. Smith and Old Saluda. Cindy Stephenson Tuttle recorded Dr. Jones’ recollections, and here are some highlights from the video she produced:


Saluda is extremely walkable and is a great place to explore on your own. Select one of these self-guided tours, and have fun discovering all the history that Saluda has to offer! (Files are PDFs and may be printed or downloaded.)

In-town Walking Tours and Town & Country Tour:

A one-hour trip beginning at the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration including many of Saluda’s old boarding houses,  and an alternate route (also one hour) that includes Smith Hill and the old Charlton-Leland hotel. The “Town and Country” route is 2-3 hours and includes many of Saluda’s churches, more old hotels, and a stunning view of Tryon Peak.

Downtown Historic District Tour:

Leads you through an in-depth exploration of the buildings and sites that comprise the downtown historic district.

Driving Tours:

Guide you into the beautiful countryside surrounding Saluda and include the Greenville watershed, Heatherly Heights, and Lake Summit. Allow extra time to enjoy the views!