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The City Hall Building once housed the Thompson and Pace Store plus the Office and Pharmacy of Dr. Goelet


When the Historic Saluda Committee was formed in June 2010, the mayor and Saluda City Commissioners asked the committee to take City Hall restoration as a project. Restoration of City Hall has been a priority of the commissioners for some time, and this also was near the top of the priorities in a community survey, which the Historic Saluda Committee conducted.

In October 2011, work began to stabilize City Hall according to historic preservation guidelines. The bricks are being re-pointed, new windows have been ordered and will be installed soon, the chimneys have been repaired, and a new roof will be installed. Work will begin on plans for the interior of the building as soon as the outside work has been completed. Committee members attended a HandMade in America meeting on “Restoring Big Buildings in Small Towns” in December 2011 and have continued to consult with Jennifer Cathey of the State Historic Preservation Office in Asheville and Ted Alexander of Preservation North Carolina. They all believe that things are headed in the right direction.

The Saluda business district is on the National Register of Historic Places, and City Hall is one of Saluda’s most significant buildings. It is a landmark for Saluda, and it needs to be preserved. The Historic Saluda Committee is committed to working with the city to raise funds for some of the restoration. A historic Tour of Homes was held in June 2011 as a fundraiser and grants are being researched. The Historic Saluda Committee is committed to the restoration of City Hall project and will assist the city in any way possible to preserve this landmark building.


Progress: New windows installed and bricks being repointed in December 2011