Memories, Places, and People That Make Saluda NC an Enchanted Place to Be


Now Available: Audio Documentary “Saluda: Voices from the First 100 Years”

Available from many downtown Saluda merchants.


A Walk Down Main Street in the 1940s

Lifelong Saluda resident Willis “Bill” Holbert takes us (literally) on a trip down Memory Lane in this excerpt from his oral history interview. He recalls all of the businesses and merchants of the pre-World War II years, including barber Will Forrest and a family from Syria who ran a cafe. Also, did you know that there were once slot machines in Saluda? and that you could sled from the top of Greenville Street all the way past City Hall after a good snow? Bill shares these stories and more.

(Look for Bill’s complete interview coming soon to the Oral History page of this site.) 


Oral History Interview with Charlie Fears

Charlie Fears was a native of Virginia and came to Saluda in the early 1970s to work on Interstate 26.  When the job was finished and his company went on to the next job, Charlie decided to stay. He worked on several bridges in the area, including the railroad bridge in town.  After retirement he became a landscaper.

Charlie’s blue tractor and friendly face were familiar and welcome sights around Saluda. He was a regular at Ward’s Grill, which is where interviewer Scott Kinard caught up with him. We feel very fortunate to have this interview because we lost Charlie this past June.